Tuesday, 11 February 2014

About Hydroponic Gardening
Though the word Hydroponic garden seems difficult to understand, it is the simplest method that can be used for indoor and outdoor gardening. Many people like to decorate their house with various flowers and plant. Some people also owns private garden in their bungalow. Various methods are their, using which we make our garden more beautiful and attractive. Scientists have proved, spending time in gardens keep our mind free form tensions. It is also the best exercise for our children’s for their complete and healthy progress. So, people always try to manage their time to spent with their children’s doing gardening.

If you search market you will find many books giving information on how to be a good gardener. But instead of using these bit complicated books, how about to use a better method, which include very safe and easy gardening? Hydroponic Gardening is such simplified gardening method that has replaced soil with water as a basic source of nutrients. Roots of every plant run deep in soil to search for water, since water is most important factor for their growth. But, as we are using water in hydroponic system, roots does not grow further to search water. Another advantage of this amazing method is we supply the essential nutrients directly through the water. This results in more growth in quality and also in productivity. Today, many gardeners and farmers are using this highly advanced method to grow more fruits and vegetables with excellent quality in their farms.
The Hydroponic gardening method is the best replacement for your traditional gardening method. There are three basic types of hydroponic gardening. Aeroponic, Water Culture, and N.F.T i.e. Nutrient Film Technique. These three techniques are bases on same principle of using water instead of soil. In an Aeroponic system, the roots of plants are hanged up in air and are steamed with nutrient solution vapors. We do this misting periodically so the roots do not get dried out. One can use advanced supporting system like short cycle timer and misting pump. Once you have set the accessories correctly you need not to pay attention frequently.
N.F.T is also one such hi-tech method where you use constant flow of nutrient solution for plant roots. Still if you are looking for simplest for of Hydroponic system then you have water culture. Here, a Styrofoam platform; as it can float directly on a solution, holds the roots firmly on the nutrient solution. Only you have to place these plants with Styrofoam in nutrient solution filled tub. And simply keep replacing water and add essential nutrients in it.
Indoor Hydroponic Gardening
Gardening is most favorite pastime for many people. You will find small garden outside every house. Many interior decorators are also suggesting indoor gardens. Selected plants placed inside house creates pleasant environment. Science has also proved that keeping plants inside your house control your emotions and helps to reduce your stress. That is why; new theories have been discovered to make your house greener. The green color itself is pleasant to feel. We can paint our house in green but the presence of natural green color creates pleasing environment inside a house.
When plants are inside your house, surely you need to clean the area regularly. From the fact soil and dust is major difficulty for many houses; no one likes to look his/her house dirtier. Hence science has developed a theory called Hydroponic Gardening, which will make your house absolutely soil free. This particular gardening system uses water instead of soil. So, you need not to waste your time to clean your house frequently.
The hydroponic in its simplest form means; growing plants with the help of water only, instead of soil. The hydro means water and ponic relates to water working. So, this system is much useful inside house. We can also use this system for outside garden where we grow fruit plants. Farmers and gardeners can also use this system to grow more fruits in their farms. You can also set this system inside your house.
The hydroponic system is divided in two main types. One is active where you give nutrients and other necessary elements to a plant directly through the water. Here you can use other planting medium like pumice stone, vermiculite, gravel, thick sand, etc. But you must sure that the roots of plants should not get dry. Another is passive hydroponic system, where you put plant roots in a small tub filled with nutritious water. In this system only you have to change the water regularly. Here also you can use other planting material for steady plant roots. The passive system is the simplest Hydroponic system.
In market you will find other system also. But the mechanism is either passive or active. Some people advise to use Aeroponic system, which is another high-tech type of hydroponic system. In this type you hang the roots in air and mists them with nutritious solutions in regular intervals. But as it is passive type of Hydroponic system, be sure the misting cycle does not get interrupted oe else the plant roots will get dry rapidly.


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