Thursday, 13 February 2014

There are many choices that you can choose for flowers for container gardening. There are many flowers that do best in containers. They thrive in a container and grow very good. If you have a place on your patio, desk or balcony that you want to have flowers for container gardening, then there are some tips of the flowers to be given.
One of the most popular flower that does great in containers. That flower is the blue violet. The blue violet has a velvet texture bloom that also has a deep blue color. The height of the blue velvet can grow at tall as fourteen inches. You can add other plants or flowers around the blue violet and it grows well with them. You need good drainage in your container when you plant the blue velvet. The blue velvet isn’t a hard flower to take care of. This is a great summer plant and will bloom all summer long as long as you make sure the blue velvet has plenty of water and sunshine.
Another great flowers for gardening containers is the Pentas. The Pentas can grow in without much care. The Pentas can also grow when it is very hot. You also want to make sure that your container that you are planting your Pentas in has good drainage holes so that the plant can drain good. The Pentas is a star shaped petaled flower. The Pentas brings a beautiful color to any container and is a great flower to plant in any container.
You can also do a cape daisy for your flowers for gardening container. These are the easiest flower to grow and can grow in any container. The cape daisy comes in all different colors. You can pick from orange, white, pink and white. There are other colors that you can choose from with the cape daisy. The cape daisy can come back for several years. You also want to make sure your container has good drainage on the bottom of your container. The cape daisy also needs plenty of water and sunlight. When the cape daisy starts to grow and it is taking over your container, then you can cut back some of the cape daisy plants to keep the other cape daisy healthy and growing.
There are many different types of flowers that you can use in containers. This is a great way to decorate any space of your home. You can also decorate your porch, balcony or patio using flowers and containers combined. This is an affordable and effective way to decorate. Growing flowers will make you feel good about yourself knowing you have grown and created a lovely space.


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