Monday, 10 February 2014

A container garden can be made anywhere that you desire. Become an artist and create and paint your creativity with plants in all types of containers. Container garden needs an able gardener as its very dependent upon the soil and what the gardener does. You can plant almost any type of vegetable, flower, bush, creeper, herbs and any other plants that you fancy. Since container garden is dependent more on the gardener than conventional gardening, gardeners have to take some special care. Container gardens should get apt amount of soil, water, sunlight, fertilizers and pesticides as well as shelter from extreme heat and cold.
Containers should have ample space for the roots to breath and spread out. If you want window boxes, these will be dependent upon the size of your windows. The size and the shape of the container are dependent upon the plant variety and the plant size that you choose. You can use plastic containers, hanging baskets, clay pots of various size, glazed ceramic tiles and lots more.
To drain the containers well, you should have drainage holes in the bottom. It’s a good idea to have pebbles and stones on top of the drainage holes. These holes prevent water logging in the pots. They also increase the air circulation. If you are reusing the containers, make sure that the container has been cleaned thoroughly to prevent any diseases from attacking the new plants.
You can use the commercially available potting mixtures that are found in the hardware and gardening shops. Sterilize the garden soil before you use them for garden container. As the garden soil may contain many types of diseases that would be transferred to the containers.
This soil should be rich in organic material such as peat and other composted barks as well as vermiculite which helps to retain the moisture in the soil yet drains the soil well. Moisten the potting soil before you fill the containers. When planting the seedlings, it’s best to soak the soil overnight. Add a good branded fertilizer during planting, which will give your seedling a start.
All plants need sunlight to grow. Some plants can make do with less and some need more sunlight. Remember this while potting the container garden. Therefore its essential that you read up on the requirements of your container plants before you plant them. Since the sunlight requirement is dependent upon the various varieties of plant.
There are so many plants to choose from, that it can boggle your min. therefore its essential that you have a plan for the panting season. Planting a container garden can be difficult, especially for the first timers. Some plants are known as trailers, others are known as fillers, while still others are known as uprights. Some plants can have large blooms, some small and others look great in bunches.
You can have a small or a big container garden, which is dependent upon your creativity and the energy that you spend in tending to them.


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