Monday, 10 February 2014

Container gardening design means that you should have a simple rule or a plan around which you can base the container gardens.
Most container gardens mimic the nature. This means like the forests in the nature, the container garden should have taller elements like the trees, which seem to rise up to the sky. It should also have secondary growth like the shrubs, which fill out the spaces, and short growth like ground covers and vines. The short growth hangs out from the edges of the baskets.
Its important to create a right balance of all three for the container garden to look good. The short growth in the forest is more abundant than the secondary growth and the secondary growth more than the trees in the forest. In the forest all plants are fighting for sunlight and water. In this process there are competing against one another. However, in container gardens this is not likely to happen.
All plants will get their share of nutrients, sunlight and water, though there would be plenty of leaf droppings from the interior sections of the container as plants grow up. In essence for a great container gardening design, you need maximum ground cover and minimum taller plants.
This format resembles the bull’s eye. With a middle target and then three rings around it. The middle target can be left without container plants and the other three things will have ground cover, secondary growth and the taller elements in that order.
You can leave the target area empty or have a spiked plant. You can also interchange the format of the three rings. Have the ground cover in the second ring. The outer most rings can accommodate the mid sized plants very easily.
Most gardeners prefer to plant their vines on the outer most rims against the wall. The vines take the help of the wall and climb up. Sometimes it leaves gaps and this gives the container garden an unfinished look. But you can also plant the vines in the second ring. In the second row, they grow both upwards and outwards and this gives them a billowing look.
These vining trailing pants will also look towards the sky for their sunlight. These plants will look as if they have appeared like magic from other parts of the garden. The gardening design would look a lot less formal and rigid in this way.
You can plant ground cover pants and tall vining plants randomly and not give the plants a segregated look.
As a container gardener, you have to choose the varieties of plants, which look great aesthetically. Alter the design and the pattern of the plants and see which of the container gardening design fits best in your setup.
A lot many times, this is accomplished through trial and error method. As a gardener, you should feel happiness in seeing, smelling and sometimes also eating from your container gardens.


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